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Sands has been designed to allow you to lose yourself in the depth of a material which has been masterfully layered over centuries. The technology has allowed us to create a full-body ceramic surface that perfectly reconstructs stone and its irregular marks created by slowly sedimented layers. The finish seems to have been sculptured over time. An authentic stone rich in details, light and shade and fascinating dissolving colours. Sands is available in a versatile range of colours, that range from lighter shades to darker and deeper colours, with two surface finishes, including the new patinated version and 4 formats, including the large 120x120 cm format.

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1200mm x 1200mm Call for Prices
1200mm x 600mm   Call for Prices
600mm x 600mm     Call for Prices

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1200mm x 1200mm

600mm x 1200mm

600mm x 600mm