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At Living we are guided by the desire of creating versatile ceramic solutions for interior design and architecture. Claddings – on floors, walls, countertops, steps… – are the skin of our homes, and we believe that it is necessary to take care and pay attention to them. We feel a true passion for good design, which is why we manufacture all our products in Italy and Spain, referential countries in ceramic design.


We are committed to a material such as ceramics that makes it easier to obtain original and practical resources. Our ultimate objective is customer satisfaction, and we focus the professionalism and thoroughness of our work on this point. We strive in creating products that respond to today’s requirements, that are adapted to the users’ needs, and are in line with the new trends.

The 11 collections we are launching from Living suggest a rich blend of materials and finishes. They are designed as a whole, so that they are easy to combine with each other, regardless of the line and the chromatic choice.


They are lines that follow the current trend of joining different surfaces. Experimenting with this blend of textures is the leitmotif which gives rise to a material conception of the pieces. They are sophisticated finishes achieved through a game with the material and an evolved design. The result: materials that bring poetry to everyday life.


All these products have the same thickness, allowing almost infinite combinations. All the lines can be found in a wide variety of formats, responding to the demands of today´s architecture.


We have used current technologies such as ceramic color digital printing, and technology forefront methods such as directly printing on the glazing and “mascaring”, which have enabled us to create light and beautiful designs with great personality and with unprecedented finishes and textures.


The passion we feel at Living for good design has resulted in Signature Surfaces. This line comes from the union, from the fusion between the creative talent of great designers and their way of interpreting ceramics, joint with our desire of contributing in the world of interior design and architecture giving unique cutting edge ceramic solutions. The ending of this collaboration is untold pieces with innovative finishes and textures that grant an exclusive identity to the creation. The personality of the result makes the difference, from the elegance, beauty and sobriety that define us.


Living’s ultimate aim is giving a distinguished and exquisite touch to your spaces; to achieve it we employ highest quality components and an advanced technology. We take care of the details and subtleties; we understand that each piece is a singular piece of work. A thrilling experience is guaranteed

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