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In DURSTONE was clear from the beginning what it was and it's our goal: to provide the market with quality porcelain tiles with high aesthetic component. We analyzed trends and aesthetic trends not only ceramics, also of architecture, interior design, furniture and so on. With all this we are ready to develop, seek and obtain appropriate to the present and future demands of the market pieces.

The placing on the market of a collection is made with care, attention to every detail of it: colors, shapes, graphics, .... nothing is random in the product and not in its staging. Since its introduction in fair until arrival at exposures of our clients analyze the best way to extract the maximum of possibilities and combinations.

We believe that the customer deserves the best, not only in product but also in care and service. Our structure allows us to be proactive and react quickly seeking suitable to the situations that we face daily solutions.

We are confident that the best is yet to come and we hope to share with all our customers and friends.

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